Sound is often the key factor to a successful event. Whether it’s a PA system for a briefing of a small group or a mass address for thousands, it’s of the upmost importance that your message is heard clearly.
At Loud Level Productions we will customise your sound setup to your events individual needs. Factors such as venue, number of audience and purpose will determine the type of system we will recommend. You can rest assured that the sound will never be too loud at the front and too quiet at the back, or that the high impact audio on your corporate DVD sounds muffled when played at a conference.

We deliver event sound solutions, which cater to all budgets and to different event sizes, such as concerts, weddings and large corporate events. As part of our sound and PA system service we supply the latest cutting-edge technology. With the perfect combination of audio event gear and the right knowledge we are able to deliver unforgettable events.

Sound to facilitate:

Corporate functions
Live events (indoor/outdoor)
Fashion shows
Theatre productions
School plays
Miss & Masters
CD/DVD Recordings of seminars and shows

Permanent sound installation services

In addition to providing professional sound system rental services for corporate events, live music concerts, music festivals, and sporting events, we also supply equipment to theaters, places of worship, colleges and universities. Loud Level have installed innovative audio solutions across hundreds of small, medium and large events, and their exceptional technical staff ensures that the premium audio equipment comes with reliable and professional installation services.